Iranti-org is a media
advocacy organisation
that defends the rights of Lesbians, Transgender
and Intersex persons
in Africa. 


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Events • Siyanibona

#Siyanibona - We See You!

South Africa, 18 September 2017
Join us this Wednesday 20 September, only on Soweto TV Channel251, for a closer look at the work we do at Iranti! We look into the world of LGBTI Africans, celebrate our victories and look ahead at the work still to be done! Have your say with the #Siyanibona hashtag, every Wednesday at 8pm!




ISSA Reborn: Hopeful future for Intersex South Africa

By Kellyn Botha

ISSA, an organisation for intersex south africans

22 delegates from across South Africa joined a discussion at Iranti-org in the hopes of reviving Intersex South Africa. Intersex persons face severe discrimination in South Africa and the loss of the organisation in 2012 was a blow to the community. Photo by Gugu Mandla.


6 September 2016, South Africa
On the weekend of 2 to 3 September, Iranti-org hosted 22 visitors from the South African intersex community, Iranti-org staff, as well as activists and allies from across the country, to brainstorm the best way forward in reviving Intersex South Africa (ISSA). Founded in 2000, ISSA became dormant after the passing of former-director, Sally Gross in 2012.




profiles • Anna from Uganda

Being Anna

Anna from Uganda, trans rights activist


28 August 2017, Uganda
Anna* is a transgender woman and activist for trans rights in Uganda. She recently came to Johannesburg to attend the Iranti-org Leadership and Wellness training, and we managed to speak to her about the work she is doing in Uganda around LGBTI rights. Read more...







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