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GATE and AJWS invite you to participate


Gate Funding Survey

Aug 2013. GATE - Global Action for Trans* Equality and American Jewish World Service are inviting all trans* and intersex groups, projects and organizations to participate in a survey on the funding situation for trans* and intersex groups around the world.


To participate in the survey, please click on this link to
Gate Funding Survey on Surveymonkey:

This is the first ever survey to document the on-the-ground realities of groups working on trans* and intersex issues around the world. We know there is not enough funding available for trans* and intersex communities. We plan to use the survey results to advocate to major donor agencies about the need to put more money in the hands of trans* and intersex activists. But we can only do it with your support!




If you represent:

  1. a trans* and/or intersex organization
  2. a trans* and/or intersex project in a larger organization

Please fill the survey out! It will take approximately 15­-35 minutes. We really appreciate your time. Please also feel free to send this survey to other intersex and trans* activists.



GATE uses the term intersex to name those people who were born with bodies that vary from female and male standards. We use trans* as a placeholder for many local/cultural terms describing those who identify in a different gender than the one assigned to them at birth, and/or those who transgress binary gender norms, including transgender and gender-variant people.


We chose to conduct the survey for trans* groups and intersex groups together because we feel that there is a need for information about the funding situation for both groups. We know that those groups sometimes do and sometimes do not work together, and will take that into consideration in the analysis of the results.




Contact GATE


If you have any questions about
the survey, please contact


Thank you so much!


more about GATE AND AJWS


GATE - Global Action for Trans* Equality is a trans-led advocacy organization, working for trans* rights at the global level, supporting trans* movements worldwide and making critical knowledge and resources available to trans* activists.


American Jewish World Service (AJWS) is an international donor that supports community-led human rights groups, including trans* and intersex groups.










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