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News about LGBTI and Queer events from all around Africa. Send us info if you would like us to add it here.


29 May 2018, Botswana
Botswana - High Court Hearing: Challenging Criminalisation of Same-sex Sexual Relationships. Our comrades at LEGABIBO, have issued the following statement regarding the upcoming High Court hearing which seeks to challenge Botswana’s continued criminalisation of same-sex sexual relationships. We stand with our African neighbours as they continue to fight for LGBTI+ rights, and for human dignity! Read more...


26 April 2018

South Africa. Civil Union Amendment Act

We welcome the current action to overturn section 6, which has created this situation, through allowing for civil service marriage officers to decline to solemnise civil unions of couples of the same gender. This is the only instance where a marriage officer is entitled to refuse to solemnise a union. We urge civil society and members of the public to submit their comments of support on the amendment to make it in line with human rights standards, through following this link by 28 April 2018. It’s an important action that will only take a few minutes of your time! Read more or click here to send a preprepared letter to Parliament:


9 June 2017

Kenya. Name Change Victory for Trans Kenyans

All Kenyans have the legal right to change their names- but for decades government officials would refuse to extend that right to transgender citizens. Watch two stories...


5 June 2017

Kenya. Kenya Institutes Intersex-Rights Task Force

The prospects of protection and recognition for intersex persons are looking bright as the national publication, The Kenya Gazette, publically announced the formation of a taskforce looking into intersex rights abuses in that country. Read more...


9 May 2017

Seychelles. Decriminalisation of Sodomy

On 18 May 2016, a bill was approved by the Parliament of Seychelles to repeal the anti-sodomy law in section 151 of the island nation's penal code.

Watch the interview...


13 March 2017

South Africa. Victory for transgender student in Limpopo!

It is with great pleasure that we announce an historic victory against the Limpopo Department of Education, which was ordered by the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) to pay R60 000 in compensation to Nare Mphela last week.



10 March 2017.

South Africa. Mdantsane school principal outs lesbian pupils

Iranti is deeply saddened to learn that Principal Nomampondomise Kosani of Ulwazi High School in Mdantsane, Eastern Cape, forced 38 female pupils to reveal their sexual orientation in front of their peers and parents.



8 September 2016

Gambia. I am African



1 September 2016

South Africa. Women in Ventersdorp are terrorized by the 26’s Gang. Lesbian women fear for their safety as they face increased attacks, such as rape, death threats and psychological violence from a gang of men known as the 26s. SAPS is silent on this and prosecutor’s pass on these cases because they fear for their safety. Melissa Makau recently survived this ordeal. 


19 August 2016

South Africa. Death of Lesley Makousa. On Saturday 6 August 2016, the police found the deserted body of 16 year old Lesley Makousa in a nearby field of Promosa, in the North West Province. Lesley Makousa was a gay Grade 10 learner at Promosa Secondary School. Read more and watch the video (5:36 mins)...


6 May 2016
South Africa. LGBTI Hate crimes in the East Rand. The Eastrand and the Vaal region have been mostly affected. Iranti is currently following up and reporting on 1 murder case of Pascalina Malemu in the Vaal, 1 murder case of Tebogo Mkhonto in Volsolruus and 2 cases of Lucia Naidoo and Mabelandile Mohlabi in Katlehong. Iranti is also following up and reporting on a rape case in the Vaal and a hate crime incident against a trans* woman in Klerksdorp, North West. Watch the Iranti video report...


7 April 2016

South Africa. Born Free, Killed by Hate. Iranti assisted the BBC in producing this important story on increased hate crimes in South Africa. Listen to the podcast ...


17 March 2016

Botswana. LEGABIBO wins right to register. After a four-year-long legal battle with the State, LEGABIBO has won its right to be legally registered. This legal recognition was affirmed at the High Court of Appeal when the court ruled that it was unlawful for the government not to register LEGABIBO. Read more... Watch the video...


7 March 2016

Malawi. Unprotected lives

Ken Msonda, the spokesperson of the People's Party, wrote on his facebook page, LGBT people are worse than dogs and Malawians should kill them. CEDEP, CHRR and the Malawi Law Society charged Msonda for breaking Malawi's constitutional law. In this video they speak about this fight against hate towards LGBT persons. Watch the media report...


22 January 2016

Botswana. LEGABIBO continues the fight to be recognised
Freedom of association was affirmed by Judge Rannowane in 2014 but the Attorney-General did not accept this ruling. On 15 January 2016, the matter was heard at the High Court of Appeal. Read more...


22 January 2016

Malawi. Msonda is off the hook. For Now.
The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) of Malawi has urgently issued a notice of discontinuance in the case of The Republic and Kenneth Msonda. The DPP has used its legal powers to stop Kenneth Msonda from appearing in court for his Kill the Gays statements. By Jabu Pereira. Read more...


18 January 2016

South Africa. Motshidisi Pascalini Melamu, a 21 year old lesbian, excelled and passed her matric, but she was raped, mutilated and murdered before she could even learn of her victory.  On 18 December 2015, her body was found in an open field in the Vaal region of Johannesburg. Read more...


27 November 2015

Uganda. Transgender activists assaulted in Uganda. Trans* activists, Williams Apako and Beyonce Karungi share their harrowing stories and give us a deeper insight into the precarious conditions that trans* persons live under in Uganda. Watch the video on Iranti Media's YouTube channel. Or go to Iranti's Uganda page and access it from there.

18 November 2015
Uganda. Hate crime against Trans* men in Uganda. As Uganda prepares for its national elections, it is evident that politicians have begun to use the "gay rights" card to instil fear in the nation. Read the full article.


20 March 2015
Swaziland. Anti-gay attacks on the rise. Kaylo Glover a young lesbian from Nhlangano, Swaziland, stepped into a bar with her friends on the early hours of Sunday morning. She was killed by an enraged man who did not want to be in the presence of lesbians. Read the article by Jabu Pereira


21 October 2014

Malawi. Centre for the Development of People (CEDEP) report
2014 Report on Human Rights violations on the basis of real or perceived Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in Malawi. Read the report...


24 August 2014

South Africa. Justice must prevail for Disebo Gift Makau and the LGBTI community of Ventersdorp. Gift Makau will no longer walk the streets in her queer, gender-bending clothing. The accused in this case, Pule Botlhokwane, known as Burkie, meaning whitey, because of his light skin, belongs to the SVAs, a gang of men that have robbed and caused turmoil in this community. There are two additional rival gangs the SVKs and the HLs. Iranti team felt this fear as the SVKs attempted to intimidate us, grabbing their crotches, rubbing it and staring at us without fear. We received a message, and we know that the attacks on Lesbians, Gay and Transgender persons are not over, in fact, the attacks have just begun to surface. Read more...


3 July 2014
Zambia. On July 3, a court in Kapiri Mposhi, in Zambia, acquitted Philip Mubiana and James Mwape. The triumph for the two is mixed; with their faces and names published all over Zambian media, their lives in the country are wrecked. Still, the court’s decision reflects the strength and persistence of Zambian LGBT campaigners. It brings back memories for me, vivid and piercing. I first visited Zambia sixteen years ago, in 1998, when the country was in the midst of a huge collective frenzy about the dangers of “homosexuality.” With every public figure from university professors to the President himself taking turns deploring the incursion of perversion, it seemed unlikely that there would ever be a Zambian LGBT movement, much less a court victory to celebrate. What happened back then holds lessons not just for Zambia, but for other movements today. Some indulgence in my own memories of sodomy in Zambia may thus be justified. Read the full extended story at the Paper Bird.


11 June 2014
Uganda. LGBTI activist speaks out about the horrors in her country. People are being neglected and disowned by their families, leading to an increase in the number of attempted suicides. Recently a 17-year old boy died two weeks after being admitted to hospital following a failed suicide. LGBTI people have been taken and kept in torture houses, raped, beaten up and humiliated. Illegal arrests have also been taking place, where people are taken out of their homes at midnight and arrested. Read more...


3 June 2014
Botswana. LEGABIBO's legal challenge. Dr Unity Dow is the legal representative for LEGABIBO and LGBTI human rights and advocacy organisation from Botswana. LEGABIBO has been denied the right to legally register as an association. This VIDEO documents LEGABIBO's ongoing challenge with the State.


17 March 2014

Botswana. The LEGABIBO organization demands to be registered as an association group and not a group that promotes homosexuality or same-sex relationships. On 12 March 2012, their registration application was rejected by the Director of the Department of Civil and National Registration of Botswana. Read more...

5 February 2014

Zimbabwe. Ricky Nathanson is a self-identified transwoman, she is an energetic businesswoman and a fierce activist against all forms of injustice in Zimbabwe.

In mid-January, while attending a meeting at a prominent hotel, a Zanu PF youth leader threatened Ricky and tried to extort money from her, claiming that he would have her arrested for “being somebody she is not.” Read more...


15 November 2013

Uganda, Civil Society Coalition on Human Rights and Constitutional Law. Arrest of Samuel Ganafa , The Executive Director of Spectrum Uganda Initiatives and Board Chairperson of Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG), was arrested on 12 November 2013 for allegedly infecting Disan Twesiga with HIV. Three of his houseguests were also arrested, Joseph Kayizi, Kasali Brian and Michael Katongole and his nephew, Brian Kasirye. Read the full statement.


6 November 2013
Zambia, Times of Zambia (article moved, lost): The derailment of effective strides taken against HIV in Zambia is likely unless we can remove the stigma on men having sex with men, says first lady, Christine Kaseba.


31 October 2013
Zambia, Civicus. More than 100 groups call on Zambian President to halt NGO law that gives government officials too much discretion to interfere with their independence and activities and breaches international best-practice frameworks.


6 October 2013
Zambia, SALC Bloggers: The October arrest of Zambian human rights activist, Paul Kasonkomona, in terms of the Zambian Penal Code (every person who in any public place solicits for immoral purposes, is deemed an idle and disorderly person and liable to imprisonment for one month or a fine). The unnamed arresting detective had seen little of a TV program on which Kasonkomona appeared pleading for decriminalization of same-sex sex practices in the interests of HIV prevention. Nonetheless the detective concluded that Kasonkomona statement that it is not wrong to be homosexual, amounted to soliciting for immoral purposes.


6 September 2013
Zambia, SALC Bloggers: The May arrest of two Zambians charged in terms of the Zamibian Penal Code (that those having carnal knowledge of each other against the order of nature should be imprisoned between fifteen years and life imprisonment) has led to ongoing harassment by fellow inmates at the remand facility and little viable evidence being led by the Zambian State judicial body.


June 30, 2013

South Africa. Iranti's most recent gender-oriented hate crime murder case is that of Duduzile Zozo she was 26 years old. She lived in Tokoza, east of Johannesburg. Her body was found on 30 June 2013 in her neighbour's yard, her pants was pulled down to her ankles, a toilet brush was forced into her vagina. She was beaten with a concrete brick and clearly suffered as she died.


June 9, 2013

South Africa. Thapelo Makhutle was killed because of his sexual orientation. Thapelo was brutally killed on 9 June 2012, and almost a year later, his the trial will be heard in the Vryburg High Court. Iranti, continues to document the case and advocate for justice and an end to hate crimes.


April 21, 2013

South Africa. Iranti is documenting the death of Patricia Mashigo, a lesbian mother murdered on 21 April 2013 in Daveyton, Johannesburg. The SA Police Services have not yet investigated the case. Instead, the police had stopped Iranti from documenting the case and created bureaucratic obstacles.


March 7, 2013
Zimbabwe. GALZ says statements attributed to Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai in the Herald edition of Thursday 7 March 2013, as well as the online version of the Herald where he is quoted as having said those who want to marry another from the same sex have a problem addressing MDC-T supporters in Glenview are reckless and unfortunate coming from the Prime Minister. Read more...


July, 2012

South Africa. Bonisiwe Mtshali was brutally attacked by 3 security guards at the Carlton Centre after seen kissing her lover Khanyisa Ndoda. Phindi Malaza, an activist for LGBTI justice from FEW, called upon Mpho Nefuri, a human rights lawyer, and together with Iranti, we supported Bonisiwe's fight for justice


June 29, 2012

South Africa. Andritha Thapelo Morifi lived a an out lesbian in Phola Park, Mokopane. She was killed on 29 June 2012 in her home with a braai-fork inserted into her throat.

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