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that defends the rights of Lesbians, Transgender
and Intersex persons
in Africa. 


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Name Change Victory for Trans Kenyans


9 June 2017, Kenya

All Kenyans have the legal right to change their names – but for decades government officials would refuse to extend that right to transgender citizens.


Through the work of local groups like TEA and EATHAN, the Attorney-General of Kenya ordered that transgender Kenyans be allowed to change their names as well. This move has come as a victory for countless locals, such as Arnest Thiaya, who has been denied his ID document applications for four years.


Name change victory for Trans Kenyans


Transgender in Kenya: Arnest's Journey


Kenya Institutes Intersex-Rights Task Force

by Kellyn Botha


Kenya, 5 June 2017

The prospects of protection and recognition for intersex persons are looking bright as the national publication, The Kenya Gazette, publically announced the formation of a taskforce looking into intersex rights abuses in that country. Read more...


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