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Decriminalisation in The Seychelles


Seychelles, 8 May 2017

On 18 May 2016, a bill was approved by the Parliament of Seychelles to repeal the anti-sodomy law in section 151 of the island nation's penal code. Iranti spoke to local activist, Ronny Arnephy on the state of LGBTI rights on the island nation. Now, almost a year later, Iranti revisits the situation in Seychelles with Ronny Arnephy to understand what progress has been made in the months since the ruling.


Seychelles Decriminalises Homosexuality

Seychelles, 18 May 2016

As the PAI Conference concluded with 34 countries represented and 180
delegates, we leave the space with vigour. WE are further motivated
todays decision from the Parliament of Seychelles to repeal and
eradicate the oppressive laws introduced by the British.


We praise the activists from the Seychelles and the organisation LGBTI
Sey for its great work with the government of their country. It is
truly encouraging to see this. Iranti met up with Ronny Arnephy from
LGBTI Sey at the PAI Conference.

We share with you our conversation with Ronny Arnephy.

In addition I pose some questions as we celebrate this victory. When
will we demand reparations for LGBTI African Queer persons who suffer
the indignity and consequences of colonialism? When will we see
decriminalisation of laws as a small step in decolonising our
identities and claiming ownership of our narratives? When will France
and Britian apologise to the people of the Seychelles and Africa as
whole for the horrible punitive laws imposed on gender expression, our
sexual orientation and for forcing our lives into poverty, trauma, and

SOGI can only be a reality when we integrate our holistic issues on
freedom, democracy and human rights.


On 18 May 2016, the Seychelles Parliament decriminalised homosexuality and created a new democratic and human rights path for LGBTI persons in the Seychelles. Iranti spoke to Ronny Arnephy from LGBTI Sey.

Colonised by the French in the 1770 and later colonised by the British. Seychelles became independent in June 1976. 14 members voted in favour of decriminalising homosexuality and 14 members abstained. What a great victory for all Africans.



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