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Justice for Lesley Makousa



South Africa, 19 August 2016

On Saturday 6 August 2016, the police found the deserted body of 16 year old Lesley Makousa in a nearby field of Promosa, in the North West Province. Lesley Makousa was a gay Grade 10 learner at Promosa Secondary School. 

On 11 August 2016, Iranti attended Lesley’s memorial service which was hosted by Promosa Secondary School. There was a high attendance from bereaved family, school mates and the broader community of Promosa. Lesley’s teacher spoke highly of them and expressed a deep regret that they had passed on so soon.


Iranti documented the memorial service and is monitoring the investigation of Lesley's murder. Rest in power Lesley, you will be missed.









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