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Queer Conversations and Movement Growth in Limpopo

By Iranti


8 March 2016, South Africa
“People be careful, South Africa has not accepted you” were the words uttered by an LGBTI activist during the Zwakala workshop conducted by the Iranti team in Polokwane, Limpopo on 5 March. The purpose of the workshop was to create links with LGBTI community-based organizations (CBOs) on the ground such as FAMSA, TVEP, Mokopane LGBTI, LoveLife, UL Outrage, Sekhukhane LGBTI, Mohlarekoma HTA, and Limpopo LGBTI Proudly Out regarding LGBTI organising in Limpopo.
Poet Kagiso Monama of Mokopane LGBTI
Poet Kagiso Monama of Mokopane LGBTI opens up the Queer Conversations with a poem on LGBTI visibility. Photo by: Gugu Mandla


The Iranti team had the opportunity to introduce the groundbreaking Zwakala project and gauge prospects for future partnerships with the organizations that were represented. The workshop afforded Iranti insights into how CBOs operate, as well as the various challenges they face. The main challenge highlighted in the meeting was the lack of collaboration or support among LGBTI organizations in Limpopo. Some LGBTI activists were not aware of all the LGBTI organisations, therefore making it difficult for the organizations to establish a powerful unified movement in Limpopo.
Emmanuel  From FAMSA (Families South Africa)
Emmanuel from FAMSA (Families South Africa) spoke about their organization's work with LGBTI persons and their families. Photo by: Ayanda Msiza

Limpopo LGBTI community
Lilly (3rd from left) from Limpopo LGBTI spoke about the importance of working together within the LGBTI community.


A lively discussion ensued about the relationship between risky behaviours (alcohol abuse or walking late at night) and hate crimes. Even though it was agreed that members of the LGBTI community should behave responsibly, some participants felt that it was unfair to focus the sole responsibility for the perpetrators' actions in the hands of the victims of hate crimes.


Finally, participants had the opportunity to apply for the Zwakala media training workshop which will take place April in Limpopo.

Iranti registration desk
Registration desk with Iranti goodies (stickers and buttons). Photo by: Gugu Mandla



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