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Civil Union Amendment Act


24 April 2018, South Africa

Early in 2016, the Department of Home Affairs met with LGBTI civil society, including Iranti, to discuss progress and challenges on the 10th anniversary of the passing of the Civil Union Bill.


Organisations raised a variety of issues that the Department of Home Affairs needed to address, including gender marker changes for transgender individuals, birth registration for intersex children, and marriage inequality due to the discriminatory provision in section 6 of the Civil Union Bill. This section has had a severe impact, and only 28,6% of Home Affairs branches have marriage officers who are willing to marry same-sex couples.


We welcome the current action to overturn section 6, which has created this situation, through allowing for civil service marriage officers to decline to solemnise civil unions of couples of the same gender. This is the only instance where a marriage officer is entitled to refuse to solemnise a union.


We urge civil society and members of the public to submit their comments of support on the amendment to make it in line with human rights standards, through following this link by 28 April 2018. It’s an important action that will only take a few minutes of your time!  


Please click here to send a preprepared letter to Parliament:


text of preprepared email to south african parliament about the civil union amendment act 2018









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