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IDAHO: Africa marks its fight against homophobia

May 17, 2013, Johannesburg


Iranti's IDAHOT activities

Iranti's IDAHOT video - (in)VISIBLE


What did you do on IDAHOT? In South Africa, we collectively acted against transphobia and homophobia. we met at the carlton centre food court and created a flashmob, we journeyed around the city of jozi and we created a safe activist space of love and power. In solidarity. Thank FEW, TIA, GDX, SHE, ARASA, CAL, EPOC, Uthingo, Sexual Rights Centre and so many many more activists. Thanks to the Iranti Team, Kelebogile Ntladi, Botshelo Monde, Selogadi Mampane, Zikhona Gqozo, Ayanda Msiza and Jabu Pereira. Camera and Documentation, Nadine Hutton and Kelebogile Ntladi and our editor Adam Shaw rocks!



Iranti's IDAHOT press release


Iranti, headed by Jabu Pereira, will be hosting the first large scale IDAHOT celebrations in southern Africa on the 17 May. There will be an entire day of social, political and art activism, as well as entertainment from 10h00-21h00 in the city of Johannesburg. Read the official Iranti press release about IDAHOT (PDF).



On the 17 May 2013, people all over the world will come together in solidarity to fight against homphobia and transphobia. On this day, The International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia or IDAHOT, we will raise our voices and take our cause to the streets of the city of Johannesburg, South Africa. Iranti, a human rights and visual media organisation, in collaboration with: Forum for the Empowerment of Women, Transgender Intersex Africa, Coalition of African Lesbians, Ekurhuleni Pride Organising Committee, Pan Africa ILGA, Gender Dynamix, TransBantu Zambia, Sexual Rights Centre Zimbabwe and Uthingo the Rainbow, will be hosting the first large-scale IDAHOT event in South Africa. The day will be filled with political, social and art activism as well as entertainment for all those who will be standing up for LGBTI human rights. We call on the people of South Africa to join us in 'decolonising sexual identities' and making LGBTI identities visible, not just in South Africa but all over the world.






Source: IDAHO festivities for Iranti




17 May is a significant day in the history of LGBTI persons across the world. On this day in 1990, the Word Health Organization (WHO) decided to declassify homosexuality as a mental disorder. Despite these changes, many states in Africa and in other parts of the world continue to criminalise homosexuality. Transgender persons are violated by these African states and are denied the right to bodily safety and health care. These are basic human rights set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR).




Activities on the day

  • 10h00: Gather at Iranti offices: 123 Pritchard Street, House of Movements, Johannesburg (Google map: From here, we will make our way to Carlton Centre in Johannesburg for a Rainbow Flashmob.

  • 10h30-11h30: Rainbow Flashmob. Anyone and everyone is invited to participate. More details can be found on the ‘IDAHOT SOUTH AFRICA: flashmob’ event on Facebook.
  • 11h30-13h00: Bus ride for awareness, which will take the participants throughout the city of Johannesburg, during which we will periodically release helium filled, rainbow balloons.
  • 14h00-21h00: Art exhibition and symposium titled (in)VISIBLE, held at Iranti offices.

On this day Iranti is coordinating several public events to mark our frustration regarding the rise of homophobia and transphobia within South Africa and across the region.  


Iranti will be coordinating the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHO) programme in Johannesburg.  This programme will focus on the inner city of Johannesburg.  This is because the city has increasingly become unsafe and the visible increase in the amount of fundamentalist homophobic churches have made the city increasingly unsafe for LGBTI persons.


We plan to host the following actions on this day and we invite you to join us. You can volunteer to make this happen or be present on the day and in both ways help us promote these actions.


SpacerACTIONS - 11h30-13h00


The City Sight Seeing big red bus has generously supported our programme for IDAHO.  We will drive through the city spreading love and messages of awareness against homophobia, transphobia and gender-based violence. 


The bus will depart from the Carlton Centre 11h30-13h00and there is room for 60 people on the bus. There will be music, balloons, pamphlets and so much more.  If you want to help promote LGBTI rights and you want to be on the bus, we will have a limited amount of wrist bands available at the Carlton Centre and at the House of Movements. Contact


SpacerFESTIVITIES - 14h00-21h00


While the bus trip is taking place we will move from the Carlton Centre back to the House of Movements.  From 14h00-21h00 we will host a queer arts mini festival. If you’ve got talent or you have always desired to read your queer poetry or perform, contact us at

This programme will keep us jiving and engaging our right to exist in the city and in this country.





10h30-11h30. We are planning a protest dance inside or outside the Carlton Centre, we would like you to bring a placard, dress outrageously, or wear black. We are looking for 20 volunteers to rehearse for the flashmob.


IDAHO flashmob 17 May in Johannesburg outside the Carlton Centre



IDAHOT planning

8 April
Johannesburg. We want to join in the global message that we will never be silent while we are under attack and being killed because of our sexual identity.

Audrey Mbugua



IDAHOT Nairobi

Kenya. Neo Musangi on IDAHOT (International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia) in Kenya. Sometimes when I say Kenya, I just mean Nairobi. Sorry. And yes, OutInKenya did confirm that the Kenyan chapter of IDAHOT was in the oven. IDAHOBIT: Mbona U Hate?, they called it. Read more...






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