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Iranti team presents to ARC International


South Africa, 17 November 2013

ARC International, a partner of Iranti, is an important organisation in the area of LGBTI documentation and lobbying at the UN level. ARC International's directors, Kim Vance and John Fisher, are in South Africa for the Pan Africa ILGA Meeting [], 13-16 November.


Kim and John visited the Iranti team at their offices to view a presentation on human rights documentation and the SOGI Resolution (Sexual Orientation Gender Identity) – an important milestone in attaining legal recognition in South Africa.


ARC International has asked Iranti to partner with them in putting together an exhibition on LGBTI rights in Geneva in March 2014. Iranti and ARC International are also in the process of pulling together a media reporting team based at Geneva comprising of activists from Africa, the Caribbean, and Latin America.


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arc Newsletter Nov 2013

PAI meeting and Iranti workshop

Iranti at ARC International presentation


South Africa, 28 November 2013

In November ARC was invited by Pan-African ILGA to join part of their meeting in South Africa to co-facilitate a session with ILGA on the development and history of SOGI issues at the UN, along with providing a progress report and contributing to a group discussion on the SOGI resolution.


While in Johannesburg, ARC was also happy in engage in a session of sharing and learning with the documentation team at Iranti. Exciting opportunities for future collaboration were discussed... stay tuned!


Source: ARC International Newsletter
November 2013

ARC  newsletter mentioning Iranti



ARC is the only organization with a full-time presence in Geneva committed to advancing LGBT issues within the UN human rights system, and have played a key role in the development of the Yogyakarta Principles on the application of International Human Rights Law in relation to Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity.


ARC has been successful in engaging the support of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, ensuring that the records of all UN States on LGBT issues are subjected to international scrutiny, and bringing international support to the work of NGOs in countries around the world. This document outlines our development, main achievements and vision for the future.

ARC International









Resolution on violence against women

Whilst ARC celebrated the adoption of the SOGI resolution, ARC also mourned the loss of a reference to women vulnerable to “sexuality related violence” in the latest resolution on violence against women. Canada, the main sponsor of the resolution, kept the reference in until the last moment, but eventually removed it after strong opposition from some countries threatened the traditional consensus on the text. Although the reference was lost this time round, Canada did pledge to work to reinsert the reference next time the resolution arises for consideration.

ARC International on SOGI






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