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Queering Gaga Feminism


On the 19 August 2013, Iranti will be attending Dr. Jack “Judith” Halberstam’s theory workshop “No Church in the Wild: Anarchy and Gaga Feminism” hosted by the LGBTI Program at the Institute for Humanities in Africa (HUMA) at the University of Cape Town. HUMA through the direction of Dr Zethu Matebeni has led innovative seminars on Queer Theory, Sexuality and Gender Identities. Iranti’s team is keen to learn more about Gaga Feminism, Queerness and its relation to sexual and gender variant identities in South Africa. Jack identifies as queer, not identifying with what is called binary oppositions or total opposites in relation to sex and gender – where one can only be either male/female, man/woman, homosexual/heterosexual.


Jack will present and speak on some of their most notable works, from the books Female Masculinity (1998) and Gaga Feminism: Sex, Gender and the End of Normal (2012). In his most recent work Gaga Feminism (2012), Dr. Halberstam identifies the overlap between queer and popular culture, where the lines between heterosexual/homosexual, straight/queer are no longer so clean cut. We join the discussion asking questions relating to whether we as queer people are appropriating mainstream materialism in search of a global identity. Some would argue that there is nothing cool about cultural appropriation, particular where vulnerabilities related to race, class and religion exist.


Iranti is proud to be attending this exciting, informative and energetic workshop, which will be followed by a performance from Jack Halberstam and Manila Von Teez, who will be performing Gaga. So if you want to go all GAGA, come and join the discussions and the performance.


If you are interested in participating, RSVP to OR but don’t take too long as seats are limited. From Iranti, this will be an inspirational trip, which will positively influence how we represent and advocate for LTI people.

We just cannot wait.


By Jabu Pereira and Selogadi Mampane




workshop Gaga Feminism

Dr. Jack “Judith” Halberstam workshop at University of Cape Town hosted by Huma about Anarchy and Gaga Feminism


Download the invite to No Church in the Wild: Anarchy and Gaga Feminism





About Jack/Judith Halberstam

Dr Jack/Judith Halberstam


Judith Halberstam, also Jack Halberstam is Professor of English and Director of The Center for Feminist Research at University of Southern California. He (also sometimes using male pronouns) has made contributions as a gender and queer theorist and author. Halberstam primarily focuses on the topics of tomboys and female masculinity.


Halberstam has published some several books, including the book on which this workshop is based, Gaga Feminism. More about Gaga Feminism at the independent publisher, Beacon, including a 4 minute video presentation.






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