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that defends the rights of Lesbians, Transgender
and Intersex persons
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Out in Africa Film Workshop 2013

13 April 2013


Out in Afria 2013


Iranti in partnership with Out in Africa, the South African Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, is aimed at celebrating the inclusion of the LGBTI community into the South African Constitution. The festival showcases films from around the world and helps promote the local film industry. The films at the festival explore identity, as well as the concerns and lifestyles of the LGBTI community. In order to increase visibility, Out In Africa has forged a partnership with Iranti. Iranti is a queer, visual media organization based in Johannesburg. Iranti raises issues on gender, identity and sexuality by using various media as a platform for lobbying advocacy and educational interventions across Africa.


Out in Africa, will be hosting a one day practical workshop on 13 April 2013 at Iranti in Johannesburg, presented by Mette Kjærgaard and Jenny Lund Madsen. One their films, Chloe Likes Olivia, will be screened at the workshop as part of the critical interrogation of LGBTI identities in film. The workshop will be an opportunity to look at how the film was conceptualised and how it was put on the big screen.


Watch the trailer...







Mette Kjærgaard


Mette Kjærgaard

Mette Kjærgaard was born in Odense, Denmark. Since 2004, Kjærgaard has worked in the Danish Film Industry as an extras coordinator.


Jenny Lund Madsen


Jenny Lund Madsen

Jenny Lund Madsen, a Danish screenwriter, will also be facilitating. Madsen has written several short films, of which two carry LGBTI themes.


(Pictures courtesy Out in Africa)








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