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South African LGBTI voices against homophobia and transphobia


Johannesburg, 21 June 2014

South Africa joined 120 countries on 17 May in voicing our right to our right to freedom of expression. This event was held at Constitution Hill in Johannesburg. It brought together LGBTI organisations in the city. The programme focused on the intersections between SOGI and our right to religious and cultural freedom.


IDAHOT: Free to our express our
sexual and gender identity


Johannesburg, 17 May 2014

by Gugu Mandla and Jabu Pereira


Jabu Pereira 2014

Director of Iranti, Jabu Pereira, goes in-depth about IDAHOT.

Photo by: Lebo Ntladi


Iranti in partnership with several LGBTI organisations such Transgender Intersex Africa (TIA), Vutha LGBTI in the Vaal region and Uthingo-Daveyton, were hosted by Constitution Hill in Johannesburg. Constitution Hill’s Public Programme Officer and author of Black Bull, Ancestors and Me was the perfect partner as he provided the best site of conscience for hosting IDAHOT. It was held at the Old Fort Prison, where anti-apartheid activists were detained for their activism.

Emily Potenza

Emilia Potenza, one of Iranti’s board members, addresses the audience
about the IDAHOT Day. Photo by: Lebo Ntladi


Iranti’s vice-chairperson, Emilia Potenza, a feminist and outspoken Lesbian, brought a rich history to her presentation when she showed the crowd the very first feminist t-shirt that was handmade in 1979 in South Africa. She addressed an audience that’s majority was young lesbians and trans folk, and who appreciated her historical link to the present challenges that call us all to action.


IDAHOT’s awareness was outstanding. Iranti screened their documentary, Protected Yet Not Free, a 15-minute documentary with a focus on bodily and gender expression of young lesbians at Phomolong School who were suspended for wearing pants. The other key areas of the documentary focus on a young lesbian, Deliwe Qwabe, who trained as a traditional healer and believes that the visibility of her sexuality is integral to her traditional values. Watch Irant-org's IDAHOT documentary on YouTube.


A panel discussion on IDAHOT issues was made up of Steve Letsike a human rights and activist, Phindi Malaza a feminist from FEW and a representative of the National Task Team, Deliwe Qwabe, Mosa Mahlangu an Outreach Officer from Transgender Intersex Africa (TIA), Bishop Madoda Sibeko from the Sufficient Grace Ministries, and Jabu Pereira from Iranti.

Deliwe Qwabe

Deliwe Qwabe, one of the panelists, speaks about her sexuality and its
relation to her being a traditional healer. Photo by: Dalia Alfarghal

Bishop Madoda Sibeko

Bishop Madoda Sibeko speaks on his views about homosexuality and
religion for the audience. Photo by: Lebo Ntladi


The panel reflected on the importance of the documentary as a tool for education about LGBTI rights and as an advocacy tool for outreach to communities and to government. The panel highlighted some concerns about the possible regression of application of the rights of LGBTI persons and of freedom of expression. The Department of Justice has set up a task team to investigate rights regression, and has recently lauched a public service announcement advert on addressing hate crimes in South Africa. The advert and the video raised awareness and led to discussion. Watch the Department of Justice’s advert about hate crimes on YouTube.

Department of Justice, South Africa, public announcement about hate crimes and homosexuality

The viewing of the recently launched Department of Justice advert on hate crimes. Photo by: Lebo Ntladi


IDAHOT celebrations continued with great spoken word poets Maureen Majola, Lindo Miya, and Gabriel Hoosain Khan. Poetry that challenges, celebrates identity, and challenges norms was a highlight to audience who were moved and listened closely to each of the lines delivered by these amazing queer activists. Hip Hop artist and outspoken lesbian, Sika, made the audience jump to the feet and move to her beat as she elevated the consciousness of the crowd. Mosa Mahlangu, a transman who sang gospel music, brought a spiritual twist to the moment and Selogadi Mampane, a queer performance artist brought much diversity to identity, issues of violence and body politics.

Lindo Miya, poet

Lindo Miya, the poet, opens up the event with a soulful poem. Photo by: Lebo Ntladi


We will part of the global action in 2015.

Phindi Malaza

Acting Director of Forum for the Empowerment of Women, Phindi Malaza as
one of the panelists. Photo by: Lebo Ntladi

Nthabiseng Mokoena and Haley McEwen

Nthabiseng Mokoena from TIA and Haley McEwen from Wits Centre for Diversity Studies supported and attended the IDAHOT programme. Photo by: Lebo Ntladi

Cultural activities on IDAHOT Day 2014, Constitution Hill, Johannesburg

The cultural activities poetry, music outdoors in Constitutional Hill.
Photo by: Lebo Ntladi

Gabriel Hoosian

Gabriel Hoosian Khan recited a poem on the day. Photo by: Lebo Ntladi

Jacob Jones perform at Constitution Hill

Jacob Jones performs their Hit song Drag Queen. Photo by: Lebo Ntladi

IDAHOT Day 2014, Johannesburg, Constitution Hill

People came in great numbers to celebrate IDAHOT Day 2014.
Photo by: Lebo Ntladi

Selogadi Mampane

Selogadi Mampane performs ‘And all the Children of the Rainbow Shed Tears’. Photo by: Lebo Ntladi

Sicka, of Jacob Jones

Sicka of Jacob Jones at IDAHOT Day 2014. Photo by: Lebo Ntladi
Guests at IDAHOT 2014, Johannesburg

Focused and attentive, guests give their full attention to the panel discussion. Photo by: Lebo Ntladi

Cindy Molefe

Director of the IDAHOT programme, Cindy Molefe, prepares for the opening
of the event. Photo by: Lebo Ntladi

Deliwe Qwabe and friends.

Deliwe Qwabe and friends look on while the proceedings continue.
Photo by: Lebo Ntladi


17 May 2014 IDAHOT  Day


Johannesburg, 17 May

On 17 May 2014 we will come together as a global community to partake in collective actions on LGBTI Rights and our right to Freedom of Expression. I would like to share with you a story produced by Iranti, This video forms part of our national action. We have invited a panel to engage with the media piece which speaks to various challenges related to our freedom of expression in SA. We have in a complex way brought together key issues related to gender expression, sexual orientation, culture and religion and it's embodiment in what we generally term LGBTI Rights. We expect our audience at tomorrow's event to engage on the various issues raised.


On behalf of the Iranti team we urge you to do one action to stop homophobia and transphobia.



DOWNLOAD this invite here for sharing.

IDAHOT 2014 Johannesburg, Constitution Hill




Press Release: International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia 2014 Commemorations in Botswana


Botswana, 22 May 2014

by Onkokame Ratanang-Mosweu, LGBTI Health and Human Rights Programme Coordinator, LEGABIBO


Download the press release here
for distribution.


The International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHOT) is commemorated globally and annually on the 17th of May. This year’s commemorations are celebrated under the theme “Freedom to Express”. The day is set aside to raise awareness on LGBTIQ issues and rights, to create a platform for dialogue on lives of LGBTIQ and how homophobia and transphobia affects the lives of the LGBTIQ. IDAHOT also aims to celebrate the struggles and milestones LGBTIQ individuals and human rights organizations have had over the years in making human rights agenda priority.


Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity remains issues of contention and division tools in many countries. Today The Botswana Network On Ethics, Law and HIV/ AIDS (BONELA), Lesbians, Gays and Bisexuals of Botswana (LEGABIBO) and Rainbow Identity Association (RIA) wishes to highlight political, social, economic and structural barriers facing the LGBTIQs in Botswana and worldwide.


Botswana is considered by many to be a conservative and Christian state. This has however hindered a lot of human rights advancements including sexual orientation and gender identity issues. Homophobic and transphobic attacks happen in Botswana.


The Penal Code of Botswana and other governing laws and policies make it difficult for LGBTIQs to express themselves in the way they feel. Attacks on the LGBTIQs and LEGABIBO continue to spring from various members of this community. Most of the homophobia seem to be based on religious believes.


IDAHOT 2014 activities aim to address issues of Homophobia and Transphobia in Botswana, giving the LGBTI the platform to talk about issues and problems they face daily with the hope to create a conducive and enabling environment to dialogue with the relevant stakeholders and the public at large.


The three organisations and their partners will be commemorating IDAHOT through various activities spread through three days. Day one of the commemorations will start with a press conference and followed by a panel discussion under the theme “ Is Botswana a Homo-transphobic Country, Perspective from affected communities).


The second day will be a night of spoken word against Homophobia and Transphobia on the 16th of May (from 1800hrs) at Thapong Arts Centre (opposite Village Clinic) at Village, Gaborone. It is at this space that the LGBTIQs will express themselves artistically through poem recitals, song, dance and storytelling. The last day will be celebrated by having a power march from Game City Supermall to Kgale Hill at 0800am. Once at the hill, a candlelight vigil will be conducted and multi-lingual prayers will be recited by different attendants. The festivities will continue from 1400hrs with an Expression show held at Somarelo Tikologo Ecological Park.


These three partners strongly believe that human rights are innate and are not selective. Every member of our community is entitled to a dignified and respected existence on this earth. LGBTIQs are not outcast of those rights and should be treated as such.


BONELA, LEGABIBO & Rainbow Identity Association calls upon all Civil Society Organisations, Non- Governmental Organisations, the government and the entire republic of Botswana to join forces in advocating for equality, non- discrimination at health settings and access to prevention, treatment, care and support of all regardless of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity. Most importantly, we are all asked to stand up against injustices. “Fatshe leno la rona”, a re tsheleng ka kagiso.


For more information or clarity contact Onkokame Mosweu on on follow on Twitter: @rre_mosweu


EVENT: TIA statement

transgender and intersex africa logo

Johannesbug, 17 May

On the 17 May 2014, The International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHOT) is being held in more than 120 countries around the world, Transgender and Intersex Africa (TIA) joins many other organisations in the country in commemorating the day. The day seeks to raise awareness on the continuous homophobia and transphobia against LGBTI individuals by communities, states and service providers. On the day we will pay homage to those who lost their lives to hate crimes, injustice, rejection, exclusion and discrimination and raise awareness on LGBTI rights. The IDAHOT 2014 global theme is “freedom of expression”.

Read the complete statement from TIA


IDAHOT: Freedom of Expression


WHERE: Old Fort Prison at Constitution Hill, 11 Kotze Street,
Braamfontein, Johannesburg.

WHEN: May 17, 12-7 pm



11:00 to 12:00
Registration and welcome

Cindy Molefe: Director of the Programme
• Opening and Welcoming: Emilia Potenza
• Poems by: Lindo Miya, Maureen Velile Majola
• Screening: Protected, yet not free! A documentary from Iranti


Panel Discussion
Panel Moderator: Cindy Molefe
• Thomas Ndayiragije, IGLHRC
• Gugu Mandla, Iranti
• Steve Letsike, Anova Health Institute
• Phindi Malaza, FEW
• Deliwe Qwabe, Traditional Healer
• Mosa Mahlangu, TIA
• Constant Ngwenya, Traditional Healer
• Madoda Sibeko-Bishop, Sufficient Grace Ministries Church  
   Summary of the discussion: Jabu Pereira


13:30 to 14:30
• Lunch
• Interactive messaging and photos


14:30 to 16:20
Entertainment Poetry and Music
• Sika
• Maureen Velile Majola
• Gabriel Hoosain Khan
• Selogadi Mampane: And All The Children of the Rainbow Shed Tears
• Bianca, performer.
• Open mic


16:20 to 16:30
Closure and vote of thanks


*Whilst many refer to the day as IDAHO, this acronym does not recognise transgender identities, thus IDAHOT.








event: Participants

Iranti is hosting a
large-scale IDAHO event with ARASA, IHAWU,
Tulo ya Kagiso, Pan Africa Ilga, Constitution Hill, Vutha, and Uthingo the Rainbow

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