Iranti is a media
advocacy organisation
that defends the rights of Lesbians, Transgender
and Intersex persons
in Africa. 


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EVENTS ~ Trans Webseries


Audition sheet

“I Rise” & “Purple”
Webseries short films


Johanna (20-30) is a black, plus-sized, androgynous trans writer in Johannesburg. She is quiet and suffers from agoraphobia (fear of outdoors and public spaces). Her illness and a recent breakup have led Johanna to seclude herself at home, not taking care of herself. Most of her time is spent at home, shying away from the outside world, but she finds herself on the road to wellness with the help of her friend and former lover. Her favourite colour is purple, reflected in her bold clothing choices.

Episode: Purple
Proposed shooting dates: 14-17 April

Malusi (20-30) is a thin black, queer man, and Johan’s best friend, former lover, and main supporter. His attitude to Johanna can be seen as paternal at times. He is compassionate, but outspoken. He often checks up on Johanna to make sure they’re safe and stocked with food during the worst bouts of agoraphobia. Malusi is proud of his clothes and his car and he loves listening to Motown music and jazz. Malusi isn’t afraid to confront Johanna’s behaviour when he is disturbed by it.

Episode: Purple
Proposed shooting dates: 14-17 April

Luis (18-20s), a trans-feminine person of colour who is the best friend of NYANJA (A Malawian trans woman who has come to South Africa). She is liberated and woke, talking for many hours on politics and trans civil rights. She has long hair, and is soft-spoken, calm and is drawn to the artistic and poetic forms of expression. There is a strength and conviction to her, and her friendship helps Nyanja find strength in her identity, knowing that there are people like Luis who stand with her.

Episode: I Rise
Proposed shooting dates: 14-17 April


Download this information for sharing and read the scripts...
Audition readings do not need to be by-heart, but being familiar with the script will help.






Producer/Facilitator: Iranti
Director: Makgano Mamabolo


SHOOT DATES: 14-17 April
LOCATION: Johannesburg



87 De Korte Str, Braamfontein, Iranti offices, 3rd floor
Monday 27 March  – 14:00
All auditions by appointment


Please note that the following conditions apply to any successful applicants:

  1. I will not discuss the content of the production narratives with parties outside Iranti or the production team.
  2. I understand that Iranti is a non-profit advocacy organisation, and as such, reimbursement for participation cannot be formally guaranteed at this point, although meals and a small stipend are being budgeted for.
  3. The production is intended to raise awareness around transgender rights in the region, and I accept that I will be associated therewith by virtue of my involvement.
  4. I am “out” and/or safe within my community and to the best of my knowledge my participation in the project will not put myself or others in harm’s way.
  5. I am available for the shooting dates of 14-17 April, and understand that I am obligated to attend shoots timeously once a formal contract has been signed.
  6. The information I have provided will be held in a database for future projects if I accept these terms.

To book your place at the auditions, please contact Iranti at before Monday, 27 March, 12:00







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