Iranti is a media
advocacy organisation
that defends the rights of Lesbians, Transgender
and Intersex persons
in Africa. 


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About Ayanda Msiza


Ayanda Msiza lives in Daveyton, East of Johannesburg. She is the co-founder of a young and the first LGBTI organisation in Daveyton; Uthingo-The Rainbow. Ayanda has been instrumental in LGBTI activism in areas around Johannesburg and has volunteered at a number of LGBTI organisations in the region. Ayanda would like to think of herself as an activist, visual artist, leader and a hardworker. She holds a certificate in Marketing Management. Iranti has supported Ayanda over the past year, and she recently completed the foundational course at the Market Photo Workshop. She has also completed the PME training in the Twafika programme and effectively leads and coordinates Iranti’s documentation programme.

Ayanda has been recently appointed as the Media and Documentations Officer at Iranti.


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Ayanda Msiza

Ayanda Msiza


Transgender Day of Remembrance 2013

Video by Ayanda Msiza of Iranti


Compiled by Ayanda Msiza, documenting and media officer at Iranti.


Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR) is an internationally recognised commemoration for the trans community which takes place on 20 November of each year. Today marks it’s 15th year, and today we remember and mourn the people we have lost through hate, intolerance and violence. TDOR is not a single event in a single location, but an event commemorated the world over – it is an event created to recognise and draw attention to the growing problem of violence and abuse towards trans people.

Transgender day of Remembrance 2013 iranti-org













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