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ABOUT Chalwe Charles Mwansa

Chalwe Charles Mwansa is passionate about LGBT/MSM issues, has over three years of experience in the non-profit sector, and has worked with people living with HIV/AIDS, youth programs, vulnerable groups and the LBGT community in Zambia.


Friends of RAINKA, Zambian LGBTI organisation

Mwansa holds a law degree from the Zambia Open University and has sound knowledge of human rights which he uses to develop and implement advocacy and training programs for the LGBT advocacy organization, Friends of RAINKA, where he works as the Advocacy and Policy Officer.


His passion for the welfare of his peers in the LGBT community is demonstrated through visiting incarcerated LGBTI persons, organizing financial and material support so that they are provided with food, legal representation and physiological support during their ordeal. He does this in a highly-charged homophobic environment in Zambia.


Qualifications and contribution so far in Zambia

Mwansa's undergraduate directed-research focused on an “Analysis of the Law’s Efficacy in Curbing Gender-Based Violence in Zambia”. He is currently mentoring individuals to become peer educators and outreach officers who will go on to promote the welfare of the LGBT community in Zambia. Mwansa has used his education, advocacy skills and passion for the welfare of the LGBT community to ensure the inclusion of marginalized populations such as men who have sex with men (MSM) into the National AIDS Strategic Framework of 2011-2015. He was instrumental in the implementation of the Zambia’s first-ever MSM/WSW HIV/AIDS prevalence national survey of 2012 undertaken in conjunction with the Zambian Ministry of Health under the Guidance of Tropical Disease and Research Center (TDRC) and Panos Institute of Southern Africa.


November 2013




Chalwe Charles Mwansa

Chalwe Charles Mwansa


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