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Welcome to Intersex South Africa’s first employee: Lungile Maquba

by Kellyn Botha


11April 2018, South Africa

Iranti is proud to announce that we are now hosting Lungile ‘Luh’ Maquba, ISSA’s first formal employee, who will work closely with our team to promote the organisation and build towards financial independence!


Originally from Durban, Luh’s career has taken her around the country and exposed her to a multitude of skills. Before diving into the world of LGBTI activism, Luh worked as a bartender, as a photographer, and in finance.
“I’m one of those people who believes you should try it all,” she says. “If you like it, do it. That’s also how I got into activism. I just wanted to do something I really love.”


Over recent months, Iranti has been working closely with intersex activists from around South Africa to re-launch Intersex South Africa (ISSA), an organisation founded for and by the intersex community to advocate for their rights and promote intersex visibility in society. We are pleased to have the chance to act as fiscal host to Luh and ISSA.


Intersex infants are often made to undergo unnecessary and unethical surgeries to conform their genitalia to the male-female binary; many intersex newborns in rural areas are murdered by midwives; and psychosocial support and healthcare for intersex adults is severely lacking. But as Luh and her team at ISSA get ready to tackle these and other challenges, Luh envisions a better world, where ignorance and isolation.


“Joining ISSA was very affirming because you grow up thinking it’s only you. But there are so many intersex people out there. None of us have to be alone in this.”


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